How One Ph.D Candidate Became An Adult Entertainment Industry Tycoon

Michael Masterson(his trade name he uses) was once headed toward becoming a Ph.D psychologist along with his wife who was also a Ph.d candidate as well. But, the two strangely fell into a series of financial and personal events that made them into adult entertainment business tycoons in the Denver area. At just the age of 11, during the 1970’s, Michael found himself fascinated with one particular staged photo in a PENTHOUSE Magazine that his dad kept in a drawer. It was some sort of a fantasy of a female teacher spanking some bad female students with a ruler. It was a crazy fantasy photo. But, it became a life changing event for Micheal that would eventually land him in a role of a business tycoon running a multi-million dollar fetish adult industry from a classic refurbished Denver, Colorado home before acquiring larger studios to shoot up to several spanking fetish movies a day, often involving himself spanking young women aged 18-23. I guess you could say that it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. But, all kidding aside, this ranks as one of the most weirdest business success stories of all time.

Michael was always very bright and an exceptional student and avid reader, with tastes that ranged from Ayn Rand to Kurt Vonnegut. With his taste for Ayn Rand, Michael certainly had a pep talk talk from the cheerleader for American capitalism, although he apparently had no business interests before he started his company, Real Spankings, which thrives with monthly subscriptions that cost as little around $18 a month, giving subscribers access to thousands of videos and photos produced by the company.

The Websites run by Masterson avoid any real sexual activity, and simply center on spanking fantasy. And Michael and his wife never spank their kids at home. To this married couple, spanking is only an adult bedroom playroom game. Both, seem to share this same sexual fetish, and would enjoy engaging in this as a bedroom game long before the two ever decided that they should make a business venture out of it all.

Most of the material produced by Real Spankings looks to be pretty harmless sexual fantasy. Few of the hundreds of local young women who answered ads to make movies at the company look real marked up. But, there’s a few like one popular model called Monica that Michael wrote about in his blog that loves the harder stuff including stricter canings. In one video, one thin cane actually breaks over her bottom. And she shot two movies which were supposed to be “real discipline”, not just acting, sessions, to supposedly punish her in her life for some things that she does like drinking too much. In her hardest “real discipline” movie, which runs a little over 20 minutes, the actress is given a mouth-soaping, her palms are struck with a leather strap, and her bottom and upper legs are well marked-up with a variety of straps and paddles, leaving her in some tears. It even looked like a slight amount of bleeding might have took place as Masterson wipes her sore and punished bottom with a tissue before she is given a time out as additional punishment. It is the roughest session that Real Spankings ever filmed by far. Most of the other movies are far more tame than this. But, this model, Monica, is said to be into rougher stuff according to Masterson’s blog, so the script for this movie was by mutual design. In another rougher movie, one actress is getting noticeably wet between the legs, meaning that she is sexually aroused by her spanking. it’s not really punishment or abuse by any standard for her, but sexual fun. But, most of the young models are into a tamer fantasy. But, some models can earn up to $1,000 an hour doing short films for the company. Some local exotic dancers find doing short films at Real Spankings an easier gig to do than dancing for $1 tips.

The company also has a strange little feature where new models are interviewed and given a small introductory spanking. If they continue to produce films, then the fantasy situations vary or movies can become longer features. In a goofy new update today, one model is supposedly given a spanking because she didn’t want to shovel snow and someone slipped on the Colorado snow. Sure, it’s stupid. But, it’s a premise to hang some sexual fantasy on for Masterson’s company. When you produce thousands of short films, you must run out of script ideas, so then you’re looking to the Colorado snow as a plot to spank some young actress.

It’s pretty easy to see where much of the material produced by Real Spankings and several sites also owned by Masterson and his wife are mostly really lame and boring sexual fantasy material. But, there’s a few films like some that the model Monica is staring in that are outlandish and outrageous enough to be interesting because the session is so intense, and you can’t believe that some very attractive young woman enjoys doing this so much to get paid by Masterson. She’s done 144 short movies for the company so far, which might just a record for any spanking movie actress of all time, even beating out a few prolific English actresses in fetish films shot over in the UK or Europe.

Masterson and his wife short of fell into this business when bills at home to support their young daughter just became overwhelming. The couple actually started out a small Website business in Texas where they would spank each other with their faces hidden. But, as the site grew, they thought a move to Colorado would do them good and the big newer company grew into it’s share of the $42 million dollar Colorado electronic porn industry.

Masterson seems much like some obsessed cheerleader and fan of spanking, posting his own blog and making himself very available to fans of his Website, with plenty of input from his subscribers and Emailers to his blog. As far as American spanking porn companies go, Masterson is now like the General Motors of American spanking porn right now, taking a large share of the American market. It’s a weird success story, but an amazing business story how some 11 year old boy was so impressed by one photo in an old 1970’s PENTHOUSE that he build an adult business empire on all that.

Amazing how this all resulted in such a big bottom line. Excuse the bad pun.

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