German WWII Ford Trucks

A Russian plastic model company ICM is issuing a very realistic model of a WWII German Army Ford truck. Yes. You heard that right. Ford trucks were one of the German Wehrmacht’s Autopark largest military assets during the war. It seems that Henry Ford and the Hitler Nazi regime had a rather interesting business relationship history during that war. Up until the Pearl Harbor attack, Henry Ford’s Dearborn Michigan based company continued to have a 52% ownership state in the German Ford company. And Henry Ford himself was even decorated with Grand Cross Of The Golden Eagle by the Nazi regime for his efforts to build up the German military from the 1936-1941 period.

Few Americans know that after France fell to the Nazi invasion in 1940, Henry Ford only continued to oppose efforts by the Roosevelt Administration and the Allies to build aircraft engines to help the Allied war effort. And as late as 1943, the Ford Motor Company was investigated by the Treasury Department for a claimed business meeting with a German executive of the German Ford company. But, charges were never brought against the American Ford Company under the Trading With The Enemy Act.

There were a number of other major U.S. business individuals and businesses that were accused of violations of the Trading With The Enemy Act. This list included Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was said to have banking dealings with the Nazi government during the war, and was charged with violating the Trading With The Enemy Act while his own son, George H.W. Bush was a young pilot fighting the Japanese in the Pacific theater war. Prescott Bush pleaded “no contest” to the charges. Bush was never convicted, however two other major American companies, Texaco and Dupont were also implicated by some sources for wartime Nazi involvement. Popular aviation figure, Charles Lindbergh, was also a well known American who was a strong admirer of the Nazi regime in Germany, hurting his popularity among some Americans who previously had great sympathy for him after his baby son was kidnapped and murdered.

The WWII German Ford trucks, also known as the V3000S/SS M(Sd.Kfz.bd3) Maultier were a pure U.S. design, complete with an American styled V8 engine. But, the long German name of the product also gives some clue why the Germans likely lost the war. It just took too darn long to say anything with their very complicated language. It was impossible to ask Fritz to duck from harm from an incoming shell when it only took a whole paragraph in the German language to ask him to duck.

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