Comcast Cutting 500 More NBC/Universal Jobs

Although NBC appears to be doing better in the ratings this year, and on the mend, that sure isn’t stopping Comcast which acquired a 51% ownership in the company from announcing cuts to 500 more jobs at the network. Once again, Jay Leno’s talk show will face additional staff cuts. And as DVD sales begin their marketplace decline among consumer tastes as Bluray or other options gain favor, Comcast is cutting some jobs in the home entertainment division as well. The larger NBC/Universal company has about 30,000 employees. So the job cuts are roughly about 1.5% of the total jobs at the parent company.

One job that was lost in an NBC related layoff was Crystal the monkey. The little ape earned a reported $12,000 a week before ANIMAL PRACTICE was canceled by NBC. Not bad bananas!

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