Vote Fraud Investigated In Oregon

The Oregon Secretary Of State Kate Brown is investigating an unnamed Clackamas County election worker who is suspected of marking returned unmarked election ballots for Republican candidates. The elections office uses cameras as security device and apparently was able to capture evidence of the suspected felony crime. At this point, the election worker under investigation has not been named as this investigation is ongoing, but some candidates for office in Clackamas County now have the grounds for election complaints if the vote is close for some local offices.

Some voters only cast a vote for president and leave the rest of the ballot blank, in other cases some voters skip the presidential office, but only vote for state offices, leaving the unethical election worker the opportunity to cast many votes for candidates for office.

This investigation is ongoing, and no criminal charges have been filed against the election worker at this point.

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  • Good. Skewing the vote this way, NO MATTER WHICH SIDE DOES IT, is wrong.

    I’m sure you’re going to be just as eager to have all assertions of Democratic impropriety investigated, won’t you?

    • This case was taken so seriously, even though it only involved just six changed votes, that it will likely involve a felony charge. The integrity of the election system is being taken that seriously here. Likewise, any other case of vote fraud, no matter who or where should be treated as serious as well. Democracy cannot be undermined by people who do things such as this.