CBS News Uncovers Major Insider Information

CBS reporter Jan Crawford has found out a huge bit of internal information news from both the Romney Campaign as well as political strategist Karl Rove. Both, are now privately expecting that Mitt Romney likely loses the election on Tuesday in part because of Hurricane Sandy. The Romney Campaign believes that it lost critical momentum in the final days when Romney had to largely take a back seat to bipartisan efforts by the president to offer federal help to storm victims. Up until the storm, the Romney Campaign might well have been making some progress with voters in enough key swing states to win the electoral college on Tuesday, although Romney still is likely to win the popular vote on Tuesday according to some analysis.

Late analysis has Romney losing the electoral college by 290-248 to the president.

This news out of the Romney Campaign that they expect to likely lose the election is big news, and is major political insider news. It also says that after the year long presidential election cycle campaign, costing about $2 billion dollars, the country was able to get the same political outcome that they already had to start the year.

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  • Vagabond661

    Bush was expected to lose too…twice.

    • Actually Bush had a lead of as much as 1.5 to 6 points in most of the last polls at this point in 2000 and 2004, so neither election was a real surprise. John Kerry looked certain to lose the popular vote in 2004, however pinned his hopes on Ohio, although the vote margin wasn’t real close there. Al Gore was losing in his home state of Tennessee, so pinned his hopes on a difficult situation in Florida, which he narrowly lost because of problems with turnout of his own voters as well as organization there.
      Romney more likely than not loses on Tuesday for several reasons. He only has 39 field offices in Ohio compared to over 130 for Obama. Romney’s strategy of opposing the auto bailout, even though it made billions in interest for the Treasury and saved both GM and Chrysler is unpopular in both Michigan as well as Ohio with workers who’s jobs are related to the auto industry. Further, Romney’s late strategy of campaigning in Pennsylvania is a foolish waste of his last hours on a state he cannot win because he knows he doesn’t have the electoral votes to win without Ohio. And finally, the effects of Hurricane Sandy have shifted polls slightly in Obama’s favor right now, where Obama now stands to win both the popular vote as well as the electoral vote. Any window for Romney to come up with a win is rapidly closing. It’s impossible for Romney to rule the country and manage the country if he can’t even manage a campaign well enough to be elected in the first place.

  • No linky, Paul? How can we judge the veracity if there’s no background?

    “Romney’s camp thinks they’re gonna lose!” – Right…

    As I’ve said – the important thing is who shows up. Folks aren’t showing for Obama the way they are for Romney – and that’s being reflected in the folks who are showing up. Unless you think there’s some sort of massive brain-fart epiphany that’s suddenly swinging lots of Republican voters from really disliking what Obama’s done for the country to being willing to crawl over broken glass to vote for him…