Chrysler Officials Launch Attacks On False Jeep Reports

Chrysler Corporation has worked hard to survive as a car company, and improving sales and customer loyalty have been two important building blocks. Now Chrysler is having to fight off false politically moltivated statements falsely claiming that Chrysler is intending to send Jeep production off to China. The truth is that Chrysler fully intends to continue Jeep production in the United States for the American market, but will start production of Jeeps in China for the even larger Chinese market for automobiles and light trucks.

In recent days, presidential candidate Mitt Romney starting airing some false ads claiming that Chrysler will send Jeep production over to China and falsely sought to pin blame for this on the Obama Administration. Not only the Obama Administration, but Chrysler was quick to respond to these false statements, because Chrysler didn’t want to have their product name damaged by these false claims where buyers may pass on their products.

Now, Chrysler executive Ralph Gilles sentout an angry Tweet on Thursday against Donald Trump after Trump also made the same false assertion about Chrysler sending Jeep production over to China. Gilles asserted that Trump was “full of shit”, but then later sent out a softer Tweet. But, it only illustrates the brewing anger growing over at Chrysler as the company worries about their product brand being damaged amid these completely false statements by both Romney and Trump.

Chrysler had made it clear that they didn’t want either the Obama or Romney campaigns using their company in their ads. The company much prefereed to remain neutral in this election. But, Romney managed to push that barrier with his ads, now with the Obama Campaign response, Chrysler felt that they needed to make some statements as well to protect their products from public misconceptions that could hurt the company if some consumers thought that the products are going to made in China, where producton quality of some goods remains spotty.

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