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Holy Christ! Angus T. Jones & “Stalker Sarah” Dating!

As if this week’s Angus T. Jones story wasn’t weird enough, now the new buzz is that the embattled young star of TWO AND A HALF MEN is supposedly dating “Stalker Sarah”, the kooky and offbeat 17 year old superfan who has photos taken with over 5,000 celebrities. It also turns out that Angus T. […]

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Did Car Dealer Pimp His Daughter?

An Oregon car dealer has gotten a wave of a public backlash for supposedly using his 20 year old daughter in a sexually suggestive Ebay ad that helped to sell an old Datsun Z car for $7,500 bucks on Ebay. $7,500 bucks for any Z car is a staggering price! The photos feature the girl […]

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Remember the classic Mel Brooks’ movie, THE PRODUCERS, where two crooked producers sought for the wrong script, the wrong actors, the wrong director, etc. to make a sure fire flop, well guess what, between Sep 14, 1965 and Sep 6, 1966, for 30 outrageous episodes, one of the worst possible TV shows of all time […]

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Man Stranded On Mt. Hood Uses Facebook

Authorities in Oregon claimed that dead batteries in a man’s cell phone because of Facebook postings while climbing Mt. Hood, contributed to the climber being stuck on the mountain during whiteout conditions. The miserable weather also made it more difficult for rescuers to locate the man’s GPS tracking device as well. But, it was also […]

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Demi Moore 50, Might Be Dating 26 Year Old

PEOPLE, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and a few other reliable sources are now suggesting that 50 year old actress, Demi Moore may be dating a 26 year old art dealer, Vino Schnabel. In the past, Schnabel has been linked to some dates with at least a couple bigger name older women. If this news that Demi […]

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Russia’s 2wd Ural Motorcycles

Ural, that Russian import motorcycle that is well known for having a sidecar on most models is now offering a 2wd version that is being imported to the states. The sidecar wheel has a joint and a shaft that gives the motorcycle extra traction over rocks and other terrain that would limit most other motorcycles. […]

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T.Rex’s THE SLIDER 40th Anniversary Boxset Out Dec 4

One of the most ambitious boxsets ever released will debut on Dec 4, with only 2,000 copies available worldwide. T.Rex’s masterpiece album, THE SLIDER, will be presented as a giant box set that includes 3 singles, a 180 gram vinyl remastered LP, 2 cds of the original album, plus many rarities, outtakes, a hard cover […]

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Celebrity Skin: Lisa Robin Kelly

Before she made more bad news for herself today with her second domestic violence arrest this year, in happier days, actress Lisa Robin Kelly was a star in the sitcom, THAT 70’s SHOW. But, she had one topless scene in a horror film, AMITYVILLE:DOLLHOUSE. The actress was actually far from a teenager when she starred […]

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THAT 70’S SHOW Star Arrested Again!

Troubled former star of THAT 70’s SHOW, Lisa Robin Kelly, has been arrested for the second time time this year. Kelly, who is now 42, was charged in connection with assault on her 61 year old husband in a domestic abuse incident. Back in March, Kelly was arrested on a similar charge of domestic abuse […]

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Dubai Not The Place For Public Sex

An Irish couple vacationing in Dubai have been sentenced to three months in jail after the woman took off her panties and sat on her man’s lap with his pants down to his knees, although evidence proved that no intercourse had taken place. But, both Rebecca Blake of the UK and Connor McRedmond had a […]

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Larry Hagman Dead At 81

Actor Larry Hagman who played in the 1960’s sitcom I DREAM OF JEANNIE and also was the popular bad guy, J.R. Ewing in DALLAS has died at the age of 81. But, Larry Hagman was absolutely nothing like his villainous J.R. Ewing character. His own website touted his Larry Hagman Foundation charity which offered educational […]

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3D Printers Will Lead The Next Industrial Revolution

The next wave industrial revolution for the United States and the Western economies will be led by 3D printers. This technology is quickly coming down in price, where one small Manhattan based company is working on a new version of the 3D printers that only sells for around $1300, compared to nearly $100,000 for most […]

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Those Naughty Pilgrims & Indians On Thanksgiving!

What’s more fun than those naughty pilgrims and Indians coming over for a little Thanksgiving Day food, drink and debauchery. Actually, there’s some pretty funny and sexy Pilgrim and Indian costumes out there to make your Thanksgiving the best in memory. Nothing like the old one’s at grandma’s house, but still the best ever, huh? […]

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Celebrity Coke Whore Of The Day: Marcia Brady

Oh, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! How could you? But, former child star actress Maureen McCormick has publicly acknowledged that she was such a cocaine addict at one point in her life that she would trade sex for drugs. And to add insult to injury, actress Eve Plumb, who played Marcia’s younger sister on THE BRADY BUNCH, […]


Romney Now Pumping His Own Gas

Just days after losing a relatively close election for president, failed candidate Mitt Romney has been spotted at an undisclosed gas station pumping his own gas. He was also spotted at Disneyland as well, perhaps as an attempt to cheer up from the disappointment of coming close, but falling short of his goal to become […]

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