Ballot Measure Could Seriously Harm LA’s Adult Film Industry

In the upcoming November election the future of the Los Angeles porn industry could hang in the balance over a very restrictive ballot measure that would force the use of condoms, dental dams, gloves, goggles and other “barrier” items between the adult film performers. The measure could well force much of the Los Angeles adult film to flee to somewhere else or else go underground again like the old days before the adult film industry became a normal and legal part of the California film business industry.

Measure B has had a surprising number of opponents actually line up to oppose the restrictive ballot measure, including the local Republican Party, who condemned the ballot measure as a waste of $300,000 tax dollars a year to regulate the porn industry. That was a surprising opposition group to oppose the measure. But, the bill does also have other proponents, including those who want to curb adult entertainment and films or those who legitimately believe that the use of condoms and other barrier items in adult films who help to prevent any spread of many types of STDs.

Surprisingly enough, there have actually been very few cases of sexually transmitted diseases among the major producers of adult films. Most of the past cases seem to involve mainly a few isolated cases in the Gay porn industry, such as the high profile case of John Holmes, who was a major adult film star in both Gay and straight porn films during the 70’s and part of the 80’s. Holmes was a featured actor in more than 2250 loops or full length movies for example. But Holmes also had problems with drug abuse issues, where his contraction of AIDS could have even been related to that lifestyle rather than his porn career. But, certainly the adult industry was far more lax about health issues during the 70’s and 80’s, when the industry was largely underground and mostly illegal, even in California. Today, modern adult films take out film permits and operate as legitimate film companies with all the legal permits and other government endorsements to operate.

But, the adult industry of LA of today greatly fears what condoms and other “barrier” devices could do to the industry. Of the estimated 21,000 adult film titles produced in the U.S., perhaps 90 percent come from locations right near Los Angeles. There is a smaller adult film industry that operates out of Miami, such as the network of about 50 adult websites owned by the Bang Bros. Company, however many of these films often come from around the Los Angeles area as well also, with likely far less than half actually filmed in Miami. The Bang Bros. offer a subscription service, where subscribers can download a library of thousands of films from a number of their websites depending on what subscription program they purchase. And, interestingly while business is down for this company according to Wikipedia, these businesses just seem to keep plugging along year after year, hiring a revolving door of actors to star in new productions they shoot.

But, in Los Angeles, if Measure B passes, the porn industry there could start to look a lot less like some skin-fest orgy of naked bodies, and a lot more like some toxic chemical hazmat cleanup site or even a Devo concert, with performers looking more like hazardous waste workers than sexy adult film stars.

LA’s adult film industry knows that “barrier” devices can be very bad for business, because it’s impossible to portray sex as sexy if sex has to handled like a hazmat toxic cleanup project. The adult film industry is doing their best to fight the ballot measure which voters could easily pass into law in November.

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