THAILAND’S GOT TALENT Topless Breast Painter Controversy

This past Sunday, THAILAND’S GOT TALENT featured one controversial performer that has the program in trouble with the government of that country and splitting the public between anger and laughter, after a 23 year old young woman stripped topless, smeared paint on her bare breasts and attempted to paint a giant canvas with her breasts. The sole female judge on the program turned her back and immediately gave the controversial performer an X for dismissal from the talent competition, while the two male judges appeared to be amused and voted to send the contestant on to the next round.

Although the display of female nudity was pixelated, the government of Thailand demanded an explanation from the show’s producers, and was angered that the taped show didn’t completely edit out a performance that they viewed as lewd or else wholly inappropriate for the nation’s public airwaves.

For the country of Thailand, this outrageous act has created a controversy probably greater than the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident in the United States, sharply clashing with the conservative Asian culture that most in Thailand seem to embrace. What happens from here out is unknown for the program or the network that aired the questionable performance. But, one thing seems for certain, the breast painting didn’t appear to be very good by any means, begging the question why the contestant was even promoted to the next round by two of the male judges. With the painting proving no real talent, it appeared to only be the outrageousness of the act that may have prompted the judges to give an unfair promotion to an act where some far better talent was sent home by comparison.

But, we know thing though. That shocked look on that female judge is pretty priceless though. Sort of makes the whole thing seem strangely worthwhile.

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