Here’s Your “Binders Full Of Women” Right Here!

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a tough day today, as the Internet was ablaze with jokes about one small statement he made at Tuesday’s debate claiming that he had requested “binders of women” qualified to serve for appointments by his administration. Not only was the “binders of women” made into comedy on the Internet, but it also turns out that former governor actually misrepresented his own role seeking more appointments for women during his one term as governor. One woman in government actually brought resumes to Romney, hoping that he would appoint more women, not the other way around. And the number of women appointees to positions actually fell from the previous governor, Jane Swift, who declined to run for a full term after being elevated to the office from the Lt. Governor role.

But, regardless of any real truth here, there’s jokes aplenty today, where just one small statement out of the entire 90 minute debate has grown it’s own legs and has become comedy material all over the Internet today.

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  • So… don’t talk about the problems facing the country. Don’t talk about the economy, or jobs numbers, or debt, or social security costs. Don’t talk about our problems overseas. Don’t mention Libya. Don’t mention Syria. Don’t, for God’s sake, mention how Obama’s policies have gotten us to where we are.

    Don’t talk about ANYTHING substantive.

    Make jokes about how STUPID Romney was for that remark. And about saving Big Bird.

    In a week – the joke will be old news. But we’re still going to have all the problems.

    What’s Obama’s solution? 4 more years of the same, only with more ‘latitude for change’ since he won’t have to worry about being elected again?

    • I know, these trivial little jokes like this become the bread and butter of comics compared to the real serious issues that really amount to anything. I suppose, CNN, FOX, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE NEW YORK TIMES,TIME and NEWSWEEK, along with political websites like WIZBANG beat the political issues to death, where the comics just enjoy having a little fun with goofy little moments like this. Part of the problem with Obama’s campaign of late is that he must seem like he wants the job more than he does. It could be that he’s tired or even just a little bit dispirited. Romney seems like he wants the job more at this point, but that might be because he’s not president and well shopworn with the job. Romney looks like he might win to me at this point. But, people also need to look at what that really means for them. He says he’ll create 12 million more jobs in the next four years, but then claims that increasing trade with South America, and not China will be one of five parts of how to get there. Mexico already builds much of Ford’s engines, etc. How are exporting more jobs to South America rather than exporting jobs to China any better than what we have now. Maybe he’ll be able to create 12 million jobs, but just not in this country. Likely Romney wins, and we aren’t any better off than now. Who knows? Maybe he’ll surprise me. But, I know that the American economy is at least doing better than Europe. Ford is making $2 billion dollars profit in the United States, but losing $1 billion in Europe by comparison. And 11 leaders in a row have been voted out of office in Europe, so maybe Mr. Obama is in bad shape no matter what. Likely, the U.S. economy only worsens regardless of who wins in November, because Europe’s problems will only further drag our nation down. That’s probably the unfortunate reality.

      • I don’t think Obama wants the job, actually. He wants the perqs, craves the adoring crowds, loves being able to call up and quickly get onto celebrity TV, and there’s never any waiting at the golf course.

        The job, however, sucks big blue donkey dicks. He’s RESPONSIBLE for results now, in a way he never was before. His theories have been tested, and failed, and he doesn’t have the capacity (for whatever reason, be it insufficient intellectual flexibility or just a plain old lack of imagination) to alter them and try something different.

        It may be that subconsiously he WANTS to lose the re-election attempt, to get out from under the weight of responsibility he so eagerly ran for. (Personally, I think he didn’t have a clue about what he was in for – and wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told him.)

        Will Romney be able to turn things around? Heck if I know – but given the choices we have, I’ll pick Romney in a heartbeat.