The Doors Will Drop New Live Album On Oct 22

Every year for the upcoming Christmas season, The Doors manage to find some existing tapes somewhere to market into another album of material. This year it’s LIVE AT THE BOWL 68, a great live set show that features an early live version of “The WASP(Texas Radio & The Big Beat” and “Spanish Caravan” among other album favorites. And surprisingly, the set opens with an elongated 16:16 version of the epic, “When The Music’s Over”, but the show manages to end with “The End”, which does seem fitting enough.

But, fans of The Doors should appreciate live versions of early favorites such as “Back Door Man” or “Alabama Song(Whiskey Bar)” along with the obligatory hit single, “Light My Fire”.

Many of the songs from this album have been heard previously on bootlegs or on parts of ABSOLUTELY LIVE before, however with the inclusion of a few more songs as well as some extra Jim Morrison onstage banter, this latest package seems more than worthwhile for any fans of The Doors, and a prudent marketing venture for the aging surviving members of The Doors.

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