Gene Simmons Calls Obama A “Piss Poor” President

Who would ever expected a member of a rock group widely denounced as “piss poor” by most serious music critics to berate President Obama as being “piss poor”, but that’s what happened. Gene Simmons, the controversial and conservative member of KISS, and reality TV star, had some choice words about the president lately. But, we’ll give Gene Simmons a pass here. In KISS, Simmons was at least quite a showman, even if the band’s music sucked big time. And Gene Simmons was one of the best movie villains of all time, playing drug dealers and other lowlifes in TV shows and films. On NBC’s THIRD WATCH, Gene Simmons was a memorable villain for example. Gene Simmons would have made a perfect James Bond villain, a role that he seemed tailor-made for, but was apparently just never offered.

Never liked his music. But, I just love his acting. He’s a underrated talent in acting by far, and should have been offered many more roles.

So you have to ask what does the wild tongue-flapping wildman of rock and roll even have in common with a conservative Mormon politician like Mitt Romney? Probably not very much, except both millionaires probably don’t like paying taxes.

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