Montreal’s “Full-Contact” Strip Clubs

Strip club rules are a little bit different in Montreal than here in the U.S. Reportedly, quite a number of “full-contact” strip clubs flourish in the Canadian city where for a mere $10 a dance, a patron can touch what they want and are even encouraged to handle the girls by the house rules. A strip club run by the Mitchell Brothers business in San Francisco has had a reputation for allowing a little up close and personal contact between the patrons and the dancers, but it doesn’t even come close to the perfectly legal “full-contact” strip clubs up in Canada.

Canadian strip clubs charge high cover charges and expensive drinks to make their money, while the girls working the clubs are totally free-lance lapdancers. This helps to make these “full-contact” strip clubs completely legal. So, if you don’t mind putting your hands or mouth where 100 other guys have just put their hands or mouth earlier that evening, then these might be for you. But, if you enjoy having a much more exclusive sexual arrangement, then having a wife or willing girlfriend seems like a far less non-commercial path for a little sexual R&R for some guy. And you get to save $10 a dance too!

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