Daniel Craig Turns In Strong Comedy Performance On SNL

Tough guy actor Daniel Craig probably surprised just about everyone with his strong comedy performances last night on SNL. The actor has been pretty much type-casted as “Mr. Tough” because of his roles as the no-nonsense James Bond in the latest series, with the newest episode, SKYFALL, due to debut in theaters in early November.

SNL needed a strong episode last night after a faltering start of uneven writing. Last night was not only watchable, but indeed had more than a few funny moments, and many of them thanks to the incredible acting skills of Daniel Craig, proving that he can do comedy as well.

Interestingly, Daniel Craig actually turned out to be an unlikely action star actor. The actor had a good friend who was killed by a gun in real life, and originally didn’t want to star in any film holding even a prop gun because of his intense revulsion from guns, but was able to overcome these feelings enough to act in action films, and even opened his dialog with SNL by joking about how many guys he’s killed in films.

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