EMMY AWARD Ratings up

The EMMY AWARDS drew about 13 million viewers, which is slightly up from last year according to the preliminary data. Host Jimmy Kimmel had one joke fall on it’s face though, when he jokingly asked how many were going to vote for Romney, and many in the audience applauded, that yes they will. But, overall, Jimmy Kimmel did a suitable enough job. Jimmy Kimmel might have actually helped ratings slightly with a joke Tweet that he sent out claiming that Tracy Morgan passed out onstage, which certainly never happened.

Some actors such as Jon Cryer was no doubt grateful to have received an Emmy for best actor in a comedy, over other very worthy lead actors such as Jim Parsons from THE BIG BANG THEORY. Such an honor probably means that TWO AND A HALF MEN still has more than a little life left in the series.

The HBO-produced drama movie about the rise of Sarah Palin during the 2008 race for the presidency, GAME CHANGE, also garnered several awards including best drama actress for Julianne Moore, as well as for writing an d best drama movie.

Comic Louis C.K., who was once one of the first writers for Conan O’Brien’s old show on NBC in the first tough days of the show, won a best comedy writing award for his outrageous FX series, LOUIS. This very good comic is finally getting the respect he deserves. Louis C.K. also won a second award for best comedy special for a live show that he performed at the Beacon Street Theater as well.

Overall, the EMMY AWARDS dis around 800,000 viewers better than last year, which is a definite improvement when some reality TV stars hosted the show, only creating lukewarm audience interest. But, the 2012 ratings still were down slightly from 2010.

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