More Kate Middleton Nude Photos From 2005?

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, which has a terrible reputation for little more than fiction writing has come up with two new claimed nude photos of Kate Middleton, supposedly from 2005. While one B&W one looks interesting, the second looks like a bad photo shop-type altered picture.

unfortunately, WEEKLY WORLD NEWS is the same outrageous newspaper that brought you Bat Boy, and a number of presidents meeting with space aliens. WEEKLY WORLD NEWS might have to put a much better effort if it wants to be known as “The World’s Only Reliable News”, as it likes to claim.

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  • fustian24

    The monarchy is driving all this attention. It makes the future Queen look hot and gives the brit aristocracy some edge.

    Those people are traditionally serious horn-dogs. Because, it’s all about the breeding really isn’t it? Bloodlines and all?

    This whole thing in Vegas was not an aberration. That’s standard operating procedure for the royals, who behind closed doors live like Charlie Sheen, but with less restraint.

  • MunDane68


    “A soldier who won’t fuck is a soldier who won’t fight.” George S. Patton. Cut the young, hot shot, Apache helicopter pilot some slack.

  • Brett

    You better not say anything bad about Bat -Boy. Hasn’t the little guy suffered enough?

  • and also a “resource” for fox news channel