Holy Christ! It’s Kathy Griffin Without Makeup!

I don’t know how much she charges to haunt a house, but shocking new Kathy Griffin without makeup photos turned up as she was out jogging. Even more shocking, some good looking guy was actually willing to be seen with her as well. That must be quite a shock to wake up in the morning in bed next to this. But, then again if she’s like a sugar mama giving the guy plenty of gifts or spending money, then maybe he doesn’t care. At any rate, she ought to thank God for her celebrity status. It brings enough fame and wealth for her to bed a handsome hunk like this. Hey, there’s beautiful women who go to bed lonely every night because no one bothers to call them and they only hold so-so jobs with only small paychecks.

At any rate this 51 year old comic should give thanks every night to God for her young 33 year old boyfriend, Randy Bick. He’s a real hunk!

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  • fustian24

    She’s a nasty little piece of work, isn’t she?