Elizabeth Hurley’s New Swimwear Line Draws Public Condemnation

Actress Elizabeth Hurley thought that a line of two piece bikini swimsuits designed for very young girls would be fun and cute. But, a wave of public outrage by parents, consumers, child welfare advocates, psychologists and others could quickly put the new fashion line in serious jeopardy. Many see the new fashions as only tending to sexualize very young girls rather than to be a cute little girl’s version of a grownup girl’s swimwear. And certainly the controversial fashions seem a little bizarre to say the least, which include bra tops for girls way below puberty who don’t even have breasts yet or bikini bottoms that look rather skimpy to show off plenty of skin like a sexy adult swimsuit would.

The problem is that these fashions may be far from age appropriate, where a simple one piece swimsuit might be more socially acceptable and tend to appear far less sexually suggestive than these little girl’s versions of big girl’s swimwear.

Today, there seems to be some problems opening Elizabeth Hurley’s swimwear website, which might strongly suggest that a few of these more outlandish fashions might be in the process of being pulled down. There are plenty of other swimsuits for adults that Elizabeth Hurley sells as well, so removing a few fashions that are way over the top aimed solely at the little kids market probably won’t hurt business very much.

Elizabeth Hurley might have forgotten something very important here. Let children be children, and let adults be adults.

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