Apple’s New iPhone 5 Expected To Be Big Hit

Apple just announced the debut of iPhone 5 on Wednesday, loaded with brand new features that will make it a must have item for those wanting the latest in technology. The new phone is actually the sixth version of the phone, although it carries the number 5. It is slightly taller, more slim, faster electronics and brighter display than the previous version of the phone. But, some critics of the phone claim that other brands such as Nokia, Samsung and HTC have already introduced many of the features that the new Apple product now does it’s own version of in the new package.

Viewing videos on a phone has become one of the most common uses of such phones these days, and the new iPhone is aware of that purpose by offering a new larger screen size that is half an inch taller than the previous model. Consumers also like to use such phones as a camera, and the new phone has the ability to make use of lower light photography conditions, yet offers acceptable to excellent results.

A new faster A6 chip makes the phone operate faster and able to more quickly transfer from one app to another.

As technology evolves, wireless service carriers are increasing using 4g LTE(Long Term Evolution)data networks and in the process of making nonLTE phones a thing of the past like horseshoes or buggy whips. iPhone 5 is fully ready to utilize this newer data transmission services by the main wireless carriers.

Investors realize what a big thing the new iPhone is, where the company expects to sell on the order of 8 million of the new phones in this last fourth quarter of business for the year including as holiday gifts. However, with a very nearly $670 average stock price, the $9 a share price jump in Wednesday trading seems small on a stock with such a high price tag. But, the stock sure costs a lot more than the new iPhone, which starts at just $199. A bargain by comparison.

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