Larry Flynt Offers $1 Million For Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Larry Flynt opened up his independent 2012 election mischief campaign this weekend as he purchased full page advertising in the Sunday and weekend issues of USA TODAY and THE WASHINGTON POST offering $1 million to anyone who will sell him a copy of Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Flynt’s ads are seeking, “unreleased tax returns and/or details of offshore assets, bank accounts and foreign business partnerships”.

Larry Flynt is an outspoken rebel Democrat, but also has a financial interest in not seeing a Republican Administration launched crackdown on the pornography industry. Historically, every Republican Administration steps up prosecutions of pornography businesses. However, what is viewed as legally obscene seems to be a constantly shifting standard. In the 1970’s, states such as California and New York prosecuted mere depictions of sexual intercourse in magazines and movies, however depictions of sexual intercourse are now common place in most mainstream men’s magazines outside of PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE, and are not considered legally obscene in most states or cities in the U.S. at this time.

Larry Flynt’s magazine empire has three main magazines right now, including his flagship HUSTLER, BARELY LEGAL and TABOO. HUSTLER features many political opinions and articles as well sexually oriented pictorials, while BARELY LEGAL has far less features beyond just pictorials of college aged young women between the ages of 18 and 20. TABOO is a fetish magazine, and by far the most controversial of Larry Flynt’s three main publications and is sold in fewer American cities and states because of the far more controversial content.

Despite any controversy, Larry Flynt is an intensely patriotic man who loves America. He served in two branches of service. After the U.S. Army honorably discharged Flynt as they downsized their forces, Flynt re-enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving as a radar operator there.

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  • cirby

    So… he’s offering a million bucks to get someone to commit a felony? That should be interesting.

  • Vagabond661

    I got 10 bucks for Obama if I can see his college transcripts.

  • What_a_wonderful_world

    Shouldn’t offering money for an illegal act be in itself illegal? Paul mentions potential prosecutorials of his magazines, but no mention of a potential prosecution for this obvious illegal act? Here is a hint Paul: anyone offering money for someones bank account information, or SS #’s, or any other personal finance information would be prosecuted. How is this any different? Oh, yeah, he is an “outspoken rebel democrat”, so that makes him a hero in your story.

    • No, Larry Flynt is a “loose cannon” type of rebel Democrat. Something not really welcome to the official Obama Campaign either, but who they no doubt find amusing for his outrageous antics. Larry Flynt could face a potential political payback obscenity prosecution for his TABOO Magazine from a Republican Romney Justice Department only if they could figure out some way to have the magazine sent to a conservative community where prosecution for a magazine featuring sadomasochistic acts such as chained and whipped sex slaves being urinated on by their sex masters is a subject of prosecution, such as Salt Lake City, Utah or Tampa, Florida. However, Larry Flynt is careful not to ship this magazine by mail to a number of banned locations. But, Larry Flynt is feeling cocky right now. He thinks that he has some antihero status among the public right now, and may think that’s too politically popular to be prosecuted for obscenity by the government, which often looks for weaker targets to crush. Further, Flynt could put up enough of a defense to eventually make obscenity laws ruled unconstitutional, which the government sure doesn’t want either. The biggest danger to the pornography industry right now are some government attempts to have ejaculation scenes ruled obscene, which would seriously injure the adult film and magazine industry. PLAYBOY cable for example will show sexual penetration, but not scenes of ejaculation or anal intercourse because of it’s legal concerns here. In Arizona there was one successful prosecution based on ejaculation scenes, which sent a shudder through the adult film industry, but nothing much came of this isolated prosecution for the industry. Arizona now even has a few adult film brands of their own, for example.
      I’m really surprised that the lawyers for Larry Flynt don’t warn him that the urination photos in TABOO probably go too far for legal limits, and he doesn’t move to remove these. Max Hardcore was successively prosecuted in Tampa, Florida as a producer of obscenity because of incidental urination scenes sold in Online videos handled by a third party dealer and not by Max Hardcore himself, who never intended that his films be sold in some conservative community where they violated “local community standards”. This was an outrageous and questionable prosecution, prosecuting a producer in an indirect manner. Max Hardcore now reportedly sells “sanitized” versions of his old films, where these urination scenes have been deleted, making the films legal to sell.

      • What_a_wonderful_world

        No, Paul I do not care about Larry Flynt’s pornography business or where he ships his magazines. You wasted your entire response on this.

        The questions were “Shouldn’t offering money for an illegal act be in itself illegal?” and “How this different?” (ie: from someone trying to pay money to get your bank account information, or SS numbers)

        Thank you for acknowledging that the Obama Holder justice department would never look into this. (I did not think so either)

        It may indeed take a Romney justice department, and it would not need a tie in to any magazines shipped anywhere.

        What is clearly illegal here has nothing to do with magazine subscriptions.