Prostitution Scandal Haunts largest PAC Contributor

Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Sands casino and hotels in the United States and abroad had a August 30, U.S. District Court date in regards to an ongoing scandal at his Macau based casino where the major PAC political contributor is being investigated for missing financial documents where Chinese law enforcement authorities claim that Adelson might have personally approved of prostitution according to CNBC, GAMBLING 911, and other news sources. The scandal over in Macau now lands Adelson’s lawyers in court to defend their client.

Normally, such a crime story would be major news on it’s own. However, because Adelson is also the largest contributor to PACs this election cycle, the story has added significance. Mitt Romney and Republican political PACS are expected to reap $41 million dollars in help from Adelson this election cycle, raising the question of the wisdom of that Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited funding of PACs by individuals, the funder of which is now under international legal and criminal investigation for prostitution.

Adelson has also been the subject of some controversy among OpEd writers, where some claim that Adelson will use all of his political clout with a Romney presidency to push Romney into a war with Iran to help Israel. Such a war will no doubt, in the short term, at least, dramatically raise oil prices as Iran could mine the Strait Of Hormuz and block most oil shipments to the West before the U.S. Navy could reopen this critical shipping lane. Oil could be in very short supply in the U.S. for a month or more, where prices could even skyrocket up to as high as $8 a gallon if domestic strategic oil reserves become drained. Romney has sometimes made some reckless foreign policy pronouncements, not at all in character with the more careful foreign policy that most presidents of either political party pursue. Whether Romney would actually act as recklessly, or whether this is mere political pandering is a subject to be debated. But, Adelson certainly has great political clout because of so much money that he’s spending to buy the type of government that he wants, legal and criminal investigations or not.

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  • What_a_wonderful_world

    What a useless meandering story. Prostitution scandal + Chinese Authorities + US District Court = Possibly, and controversially, a War with Iran to somehow help Israel? And Oh, by the way any talk of Romney and war is “subject to debate”, so just ignore half the article. So, why put it into a pop news story? Should we ignore the whole article and just not half of it?

  • ravenshrike

    I do like how Romneys name comes up regarding war with Iran when Obama’s the one cutting shore leave to stick a CBG in the Persian gulf