Gentle Giant Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, the big framed 6ft 5in actor who started life as a nightclub bouncer and a bodyguard, but who went to become an Academy Award nominated actor has died at the young age of 54 following complications from a July heart attack. Both at home with dramatic as well as comedy roles, Duncan became a breakout star after his incredible performance in THE GREEN MILE, where he played a mysterious giant who appeared to be wrongly convicted of twin murders, and also had strange powers to heal.

The versatile actor was at home both in Stephen King’s THE GREEN MILE as well as in comedy productions such as MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.

Duncan also found extensive work as a voice-over artist, often for children’s productions. He was going to be married soon, but his health problems ruined those plans. He met his bride to be at a charitable softball game that Duncan was helping to support. He was a very decent and well loved actor, and many in Hollywood are in sorrow about his passing at an early age.

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