Paul Ryan’s Former Girlfriend Served Federal Prison Time For Theft

According to a story over at TMZ, Paul Ryan’s former girlfriend of 10 years, Deneeta Pope, served 5 months in federal prison after she stole $77,000 from a company that she worked for. Paul Ryan and Deneeta Pope had met in college when he was a fraternity member and Deneeta Pope was a cheerleader, and they dated for 10 years, but the couple eventually broke up. However, her life took a bad turn after she worked for Ernest & Young and defrauded the company out of $77,000 for fake job training.

The beautiful former cheerleader donated $2,000 to Paul Ryan’s election committee in 1997, but was arrested for her 1999 crime of theft and sentenced to a federal prison in 2001.

The 40 year old former cheerleader now claims to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter, however it’s probably a safe bet to say that neither President Obama or vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan are very happy to have an association with the former felon right about now. But, for her part, Deneeta Pope offers her best wishes to Paul Ryan although she claims to support President Obama in November.

Strangely, while other true athletes at Miami University Of Ohio had true achievements, Ryan had claimed during the RNC to have once run a marathon in 2 hrs. 30minutes as an effort to somehow prove himself as a capable athlete himself. However, his campaign had to later summit a statement claiming that this was actually false, that Ryan actually ran the marathon in 4 hours time. Although not a major issue, it still raises questions why Ryan even offered up a false claim of his claimed athletic abilities in the first place. It seemed like a bizarre lie to tell and very strange.

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  • Than Maynard

    Really? A former girlfirend? Wow, quite the scoop.
    Good thing you guys reported on all of Obama’s former girlfriends and his life before getting elected to public office…….oh wait, you didn’t. At least your true leanings are even more obvious now.
    What happened to “Served her time for her crime” and should now be left alone? Too bad she made the mistake of dating someone who would eventually run as VP on the Republican ticket. She would have been fine if she had dated Obama. Too bad for her.