Mystery Surrounds Potentially Contaminated Dog Chicken Jerky Treats

As many as 2,000 dogs have become sick and some died as a result of contaminated chicken jerky treats made in China, but sold under a variety of popular U.S. names as most U.S. companies are buying these imported pet treats from China. One company brand owned by Nestle Purina, Waggin’ Train, has posted their own corporate consumer information page claiming that their product is safe and has undergone numerous tests and is not connected to any dog illness or deaths, yet pet owners have cited this brand among the top three most suspected brands that may be potentially linked to or contaminated as causing pet illness or deaths.

Another brand owned by Nestle, Canyon Creek Ranch and a brand owned by Del Monte, Milo’s Kitchen Home Style Treats have also been cited by dog owners as brands most associated with pet illness or deaths, although FDA testing hasn’t been able to find a specific batch of contaminated products among the three brands so far to link to the pet illness plague.

In some cases, some of the companies have claimed that pet owners are improperly storing the treats, which sometimes sell for nearly $15 for a large bag, where the product may collect mold or other contamination. Most brands feature an anti-moisture control pack in the bag to improve product freshness and storage life. Such a pack is clearly labeled as toxic and not to be consumed, so hopefully some dogs haven’t consumed this lethal package by mistake or by owners negligence.

Efforts on behalf of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D-Ohio) and Rep. Dennis Kucinich(D-Ohio) have resulted in FDA inspections of Chinese production facilities for problems in manufacturing that may contribute to the illness plague in dogs, but so far no definitive results of tests or food safety violations have emerged.

Some of the problems resulting from the suspected contaminated chicken jerky treats include something similar to Fanconi Syndrome, where dogs begin to lose appetite, vomit and acquire diarrhea, and drink extreme amounts of water, but often die of kidney failure or other deaths.

Many dogs just love the chicken treats, which have the same appeal as chewing on a bone for dogs, but have a great chicken taste that they love. And these chicken treats also serve as a vital cleaning tool for dogs to clean their teeth. Dog treats that clean teeth serve to protect dogs from heart disease issues such as congestive heart failure or other serious heart illness because decayed teeth have been linked to heart disease issues in many studies.

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