Eastwooding: Stranger Than Fiction?

An incredible image from an old SIMPSONS episode has emerged on the Internet of a picture of a Clint Eastwood-type Western figure with the headline, “Old Man Yells At Chair”. In this old SIMPSONS episode a character is reading the newspaper with the seeming prophetic headline.

Is Matt Groening a prophet or what?

Incredible but true? Well, not exactly. It appears that the original SIMPSONS episode actually featured Grandpa Simpson on the paper, and the Clint Eastwood picture was actually digitally lifted from another episode to create the incredible appearing image by some Internet prankster. But, it’s only part of the fun that Internet jokesters and others are having at the expense of the outrageous Clint Eastwood RNC speech from Thursday. Late night comics such as Jay Leno and others are wringing the absurd speech for a few laughs as well. And even normally serious news anchors and journalists are joking about the absurd speech as well, which was every bit as funny as some drunken Foster Brooks comedy skit.

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  • This article is certainly getting all the comments it deserves. Pointless.