Prince Harry Nude Vegas Scandal Gets Worse!

As if a whole week of bad news for Prince Harry hasn’t brought him enough shame, now word comes that his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, has dumped the prince. An insider claims that Cressida felt “humiliated” by the nude photos of the prince who reportedly also played strip billiards with at least one other naked young woman, and partied with several other women. At least four young women have come public in the last few days granting interviews about the wild weekend in Vegas with the prince.

And Rupert Murdoch has put in his two cents about the scandal as well, ordering his SUN newspaper to print the naked Prince Harry photos, laying down the gauntlet to the British government that he’s willing to challenge them despite getting his sails trimmed somewhat with that major phone hacking scandal. Most newspapers in the UK didn’t print the nude photos of the prince out of fear of what the government might do to them. Murdock argued that the UK needs something similar to the American Bill Of Rights to defend a free press in the UK.

And word comes that more nude Prince Harry photos may yet leak out, only giving this latest royal scandal more legs.

In Britain, you pay up to 99% of your income in taxes. And the royal family is supported by a portion of these taxes. For any of our readers in the UK: Your tax dollars at work here? You work hard so the royals can cavort naked in Vegas with young women on your dime?

This is a scandal that the royal family didn’t need after things had gone so well recently including the highly successful 2012 London Summer Olympics.

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  • Marcus R

    Man, get your facts right. Basic rate of tax in the UK is 20%, plus an additional 10% for national insurance (or the socialist tax as you would have it), whilst the top rate of tax is 45%. However I’m sure parliament would be happy to increase the rate if it could help you learn to research properly.
    As for Prince Harry? Well, he fights for this country and works hard at his official duties and charities so why shouldn’t he party? Last time I looked he was a Prince, not a monk. Most people I’ve spoken to about it over here really don’t give a toss about what’s happened. In fact most are more upset about the Sun printing the pics and the gold digging skank who decided to sell them in the first place. If I were you I’d worry less about what we spend our taxes on and a bit more about your own country – a place that from over here looks as though it has a dysfunctional government run by lobbyists and big business.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello Marcus. Certainly, the U.S. like most Western economies is in a mess right now. But, the Prince Harry story did provide a few celebrity laughs right now as a diversion from everything that’s bad on this side of the pond. Overall, most Americans love the royals, and the royals were on a good roll recently. That’s why the Prince Harry scandal was so disappointing.