Gallup Organization Sued By U.S. Government For Fraud

The longtime respected public opinion polling organization, Gallup, has been sued by the Federal government, alleging widespread fraud in their billing of the government for employee wages and other costs. The U.S. State Department, The U.S. Mint, and several more government agencies have relied on the Gallup Organization for consultation work as well as public polling for some years now. However, the reports by the whistle-blower apparently resulted in an investigation of the contractor for the government, uncovering enough evidence to pursue a fraud suit against the company.

Government contractors have sometimes routinely charged government outrageous sums of money for even relatively small items such as a one inch piece of metal with two holes drilled in it by a defense contractor that cost around $800, or $3,000 for a case of Coca Cola that a building contractor charged the government during the second Iraq War. Unless justified, outrageous charges to the government sometimes result in fraud lawsuits by the U.S. Justice Department.

For their part, chief lawyer for the Gallup Organization claimed that the government suit is “meritless”. But, it will be interesting to see whether Gallup decides to go to court or to work out a settlement with the U.S. Government over these legal claims.

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