Comedy Legend Phyllis Diller Dead At 95

Comic legend Phyllis Diller died yesterday at the age of 95. She was arguably the greatest female comic of our lifetime and pushed barriers with her edgy and outrageous comic style. Although she was a very fine musician, who was an excellent piano player, a husband pushed her toward comedy to help pay the bills. When she was discovered by Bob Hope, her career really flourished where she became the greatest living female comic during her lifetime.

And, although Phyllis Diller made a fortune with self-deprecating jokes about her outrageous and less than glamorous appearance, she did invest in a major cosmetic rebuild of herself some years ago, including 15 cosmetic surgery procedures. She looked nearly glamorous for a while as a result of these cosmetic treatments, yet she remained a successful comic despite these huge improvements to her looks.

Phyllis Diller was a common co-star in both movies and TV specials with Bob Hope over the years, and was also well known for her unique and outrageous signature laugh and voice.

Phyllis Diller was one of the greatest celebrity personalities of all time, but was was sidelined in 2007 with problems with a fractured back where she had to cancel a July 11, 2007 TONIGHT SHOW appearance when she turned 90. Her health problems only continued in the last few years until she finally died yesterday, leaving the world without the best female comic of all time.

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