Merriam-Webster Inclusion Of F-Bomb Becomes Top Item

Since news broke that Merriam-Webster was including 14 new words in their new 2012 edition of their dictionary, “F-Bomb” has become the most researched word lookup in the past 24 hours and number #2 next to “Touche” of all word lookups in the past seven days according to the dictionary company.

What can you say about all of this except, WTF?

Beyond “F-Bomb”, “Sexting” is another controversial new word that made the grade for the dictionary company as well. A few more benign words also made the cut.

In the last four months, the word “Pragmatic” remained the top researched word, which may describe the actions at Merriam-Webster. You may not like every new word over at the new dictionary, but hey, being “pragmatic” means to include words that are in common use in our modern culture.

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