Romney Chooses Former Wienermobile Driver….Late Night Comics Are Going To Have A Field Day!

Joe Biden is already the butt of many jokes on SNL and by the late night comics. But, the comics are going to have a field day with Paul Ryan jokes. While the young conservative is a very serious candidate for public office, his public roll-out as the running mate of Mitt Romney had a few funny goofs. First, Ryan managed to lose his keys and lock himself out of his own home early this morning, probably due to all of the excitement. And when Mitt Romney staged a public rally to introduce Ryan, Mitt Romney accidentally referred to Ryan as “The next president of the United States”.

But, most funny of all was that Ryan was once a Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driver to help support himself through college, which incidentally he also received social security survivor benefits because his father died when Ryan was just 16. One sobering fact is that both Ryan’s father and grandfather died at an early age due to heart attacks which seem to run in the Ryan family. But, the enterprising young man didn’t let this serious tragedy stop him from becoming a congressman at the age of 28 and a rising star within the Republican Party where he is now a candidate for vice president, and could even become one of the youngest vice presidents in the history of the country.

While Ryan will enjoy a honeymoon period with many voters, you can also expect the late night comics to have a little fun with that funny Wienermobile story. Wienermobile stories are always funny and just too easy of a target for a little fun and jokes.

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  • cirby

    He must be very trustworthy, then.

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE the amount of competition to get a job driving a Wienermobile. Something like 2000 applicants for eight jobs.