Reports Tie Bain Capital To Death Squad Money Trail

A number of new reports including by THE HUFFINGTON POST are linking 40% of Bain Capital’s startup funds, or $9 million to right wing El Salvadorian families that were the prime funders for “death squads” of paramilitary assassins meant to murder land reformers, Catholic clergy, and leftists who supported land reform and other progressive movements during the 1980’s warfare in El Salvador. Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated during mass as one example of the violence attributed to the death squads of El Salvador funded by several wealthy families.

According to information on HUFFINGTON POST and other news sources, which is running today, businessman Mitt Romney was asked by Bain Capital founder, Bill Bain to meet with some Central American investors back in mid-1984 in Miami, and despite concerns of Romney that the investors might be involved in drug-trafficking, crime or funding violence in Central America, Romney met with the investors, and helped to net $9 million, or 40% of the startup money for Bain Capital.

As late as 2007, despite clear evidence that some of the Bain startup investment money was from business families involved in violent crimes in Central America, Romney praised or likely praised these same investors according to THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE BOSTON GLOBE.

Reporters from THE HUFFINGTON POST asked the Romney Campaign to comment on the ties between the startup of Bain Capital with funds from Central American families involved in funding violent crime in El Salvador, but the campaign refused to comment beyond providing THE HUFFINGTON POST an old 1999 SALT LAKE TRIBUNE feature article in which Romney claimed to have no knowledge of connections to crime families, although other reports claim that Romney expressed reservations with Bill Bain about connections to drug trafficking or other violence that could be associated with the Central American investor families.

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE has even connected at least $6.5 million of the early startup funds from Bain Capital to families in El Salvador in wealthy coffee growers and other business interests who funded death squads to murder and terrorize land reformers, Catholic clergy, and others who sought a moderate path to end the civil war in El Salvador.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s experience in business was supposed to be a factor that gives him an edge over President Obama in this upcoming election where the ability to create jobs and deal with the economy will likely decide this close election. However, a drip-drip of negative stories of Bain Capital is beginning to prove to be something of a liability to Romney, although the President still faces an uphill battle because of his own dismal economic record. By election day, less than 90 days away, many voters will have to choose the lesser of two evils it seems.

But for Romney, the story now raises some issues about his moral values when it comes to business matters. Romney had concerns in 1984 that crime family money might be used to startup Bain Capital, yet, apparently looked the other way, and after his hand was caught in the cookie jar according to reports by a number of newspapers, including THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, THE BOSTON GLOBE and now THE HUFFINGTON POST, Romney’s campaign refuses comment on the details of the story, only searching out a more favorable story to offer instead.

Voters will have interesting time sorting out the less terrible of the two main candidates this year.

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  • Vagabond661

    “less terrible of the two”? Did I miss the negative stories on Obama?

  • Huh. They ARE getting desperate, aren’t they?

    I know when it comes to truth and unspun reporting, HuffPo is the first site I … don’t think of.

  • Paul Hooson

    This is an old story that has dogged Bain Capital since the 1980’s by the mainstream as well as independent papers. But, this story won’t decide the election…..Mr. Obama is running against his dismal record on the economy, and that remains an opponent for him far more formidable than a weak challenger like Romney, who is certainly far less qualified to be president than John McCain was. Something on the order of 11 European leaders have been voted out of office because of their perceived inability to transform their economic situations in their respective countries. Mr. Obama could well be next to lose his job unless he can improve the economy by election day, which seems highly unlikely or more stories appear to make Romney seem wholly unacceptable to the roughly 10% of voters who view themselves as undecided, and who according to Karl Rove historically swing largely behind the challenger, meaning that this election is his to lose only if he makes gross missteps. This seems highly unlikely. At this point, Romney likely wins the election by virtual of turning several key 2008 Obama states such as Colorado or Iowa to his side, scoring a narrow electoral win. And maybe Ryan could swing Wisconsin his way as well, dooming any electoral math for Obama.

    • “a weak challenger like Romney, who is certainly far less qualified to be president than John McCain was.”

      And yet, is still far more qualified than Obama was… and is, even now.

      • Paul Hooson

        Further, JL, he was only a one term senator, largely only elected because of voter fatigue as George Bush’s popularity ran out. In any normal election year, John McCain would have been a likely shoo-in if not for choosing that controversial Sarah Palin which became something of an issue with many voters. With a more conventional VP choice, and a more normal voting year, McCain would have been an easy winner. I know that much of my household would have favored John McCain in a normal voting year for example. I once worked for President Nixon as a 17 year old, out of a Portland office he ran.
        Ryan on the surface seems like a selection that will energize both the Republican as well Democratic voters. Many conservatives will feel much better about Romney with this choice, but Ryan will also concern many older voters who would have favored Romney with his controversial Medicare politics, giving the Obama campaign a powerful issue to somewhat neutralize voter unease about Obamacare.
        If any politicians want to give many voters a real sense of unease, then all they need to do is to monkey around with their health care, Social Security benefits or Medicare, and many voters will jump on a bandwagon to vote against these politicians.
        Some issues are like Kryptonite.

        • For what it’s worth, I’m seeing a lot of polling where older folks are supporting Ryan’s plan. I’m thinking we’re going to see a hell of a spike pretty soon.

          Older folks aren’t stupid. They know how to add and subtract – the system, as it is, is unsupportable, and they know it’s going to fall hard onto their children and grandchildren if some hard choices aren’t made real soon.

          The Democrats aren’t going to do anything but loot the system for as much as they can get.

          Ryan’s at least promising to make the choices – whether he will push things through or not is certainly debatable, but I’ve got the feeling that a lot of the voters are really hoping to see responsible adults back in charge.

          Because responsibility is one quality that Obama just can’t fake…