The Topless Model & James Holmes

It appears that accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes had a major obsession for British topless model Keeley Hazell. Hazell’s image was seen in the background of the photo that Holmes posted on an adult dating website only days before his murderous rampage during a midnight screening of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

The British model has moved to Los Angeles in a bid to become an actress, but likely Holmes never presented any danger to her such as stalking her. And the model finds the interest of Holmes in her and his accused crimes”disgusting” and has stated her deep sorrow at the crimes he is accused of.

Keeley Hazell is a former Page Three Girl for the UK newspaper THE SUN, where toplessness isn’t considered to be age restricted to adults only reading publications, and toplesssness is more socially accepted than in the United States. Topless glamour shots are common in British tabloids like THE SUN.

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