SONS OF ANARCHY Ending After Season 7

THE SONS OF ANARCHY, the popular outlaw motorcycle club drama on FX cable TV will likely end after season 7 according to creator Kurt Sutter, who plans to wrap the story up during that final season. But, for now the series will go into season five in September as the evolving tale of the motorcycle club continues to grow in new directions. In this season, the character of chapter founder Clay(Ron Perlman) looks pretty emotionally broken and is undergoing much personal drama.

Actor Jimmy Smits joins the cast this season as a guest star, and to create even more drama and tension, Gemma(played by actress Katey Sagel) splits from Clay and becomes the new love interest of Jimmy Smits character, certainly creating some new problems for Clay.

But, perhaps the strangest thing about season 5 will be the appearance of Chuck Zito as a guest star. Zito once sued claiming the idea of the show was his, but his lawsuit was thrown out of court. And SOA creator, Kurt Sutter felt badly about his attack on Zito on his blog he wrote, and decided to attempt to mend fences with Zito, where the two got along well and now Chuck Zito will appear on the show as one of the cast members in a guest role.

All of this makes for an interesting new season. Look for it starting on Sept. 11, on FX.

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