NEWSWEEK Ending Print Magazine After 79 Years

Shocking news from the world of publishing is that NEWSWEEK will end it’s printed magazine soon, simply becoming an Online Website version of the news. Signs of the demise of NEWSWEEK were pretty clear from some of their outrageous and sensational covers in the last few years as an attempt to shock customers into buying their publication. For 79 years, NEWSWEEK joined TIME as two of the greatest weekly news magazines in American history, presenting color photos and other news coverage than wasn’t matched by B&W newspapers.

Started in February 1933 during the Great Depression, the magazine survived recessions, world war, 9-11, and many other turbulent events as a great news document that provided not only news, but a collectible version of historic events such as the assassination of President Kennedy, the end of WWII, the resignation of President Nixon, the election of Ronald Reagan, and then the shocking shooting that left him wounded as the first president wounded by an assassin who survived the crime.

It will be a sad day to see NEWSWEEK end. But, it has been announced that the end will be coming, with no definite timeline as to the final print issue, marking the end of an era.

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  • I’ve noticed the actual content of the magazine getting a lot less over the last decade or so. (Random sampling – go to the doctor, pick up Newsweek, see how much less there was than last time…) And it didn’t seem even-handed in their coverage of stuff.

    Got even more so on the last few years… the magazine was positively scrawny compared to “Us” and the other populist mags. And TIME wasn’t looking too healthy, either.

    I occasionally thought about a subscription, when I got an ad in the mail. Didn’t see any value in it, though. And the price – $3.95 cover for a thin magazine with lots of ads? You need compelling content for something like that, and they seemed to consistently fail on what they put in.

    Well, sucks to be them, but it’s not a surprise. They decided what would sell, and they were wrong. So it goes…

  • Tina Brown fails upward yet again!

  • MunDane68

    Newsweek had become sort of an adult comic book for Progressives.