Kinks Of The Stars: Russell Brand & Katy Perry

The latest celebrity kink to become public is after Russell Brand appeared on Howard Stern’s radio program this week and claimed that Katy Perry loved wheelchair sex, and was into using an electric wheelchair during sex. It was a very bizarre claim from the comic actor, who seems to unloading a little anger on his former lover recently.

This seemed to be a surprising kink coming from the two if true. Russell Brand once received treatment as a claimed recovering sex addict, and a few photos exist of Katy Perry that might give a clue that she has some interest in spanking. However, as a sexual fetish, wheelchair sex is extremely rare. But, Russell Brand claims that Katy Perry owned an electric wheelchair that was used for sex according to his interview claims on Howard Stern’s radio show.

So is Russell Brand on the level here or not? Is this true or a joke? Who knows, at this point?

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