THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Expected $161 Million Box Office Gross Weekend

Despite the fact that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES box office gross receipts were certainly damaged by the terrible news from Colorado, the movie is still expected to gross on the order of $161 million according to industry insiders. Warner Bros. is waiting until Monday to release the weekend box office figures due to all of the bad publicity generated by the terrible crime, and some countries like France delayed the opening of the film altogether. But, the weekend gross is likely to post as the second or third highest of all time despite some customers avoiding the movie after all of the bad news publicity.

Most moviegoers recognized that the horrible crime was an isolated bizarre incident, but still made their way to see the Summer box office hit. But, others certainly decided to stay away from the film, and will wait a few days or will wait until the DVD or BluRay release to catch up with this latest Batman series film.

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