James Holmes High On Drugs, Wild Orange Hair, Missed Warnings Posted Online

The mainstream media must be on vacation this weekend, because the big news sources simply haven’t been in the loop at all about some interesting details about the suspect in the Colorado movie theater massacre. A little more than two hours before his bloody murder spree, James Holmes took the prescription drug Vicodin, a prescription painkiller heavily abused by prescription drug addicts. Actor Heath Ledger died from an overdose of this drug for example. And on two dating sites, James Holmes skirted answering questions related to drug use. He answered that “I prefer not to say”, when asked about drug use for example, which seems like a common answer from many who abuse drugs, even prescription drugs.

What is also known is that the grades for James Holmes also began to fall recently, likely as his problems with prescription drug use or mental illness increased. The medical school hospital that he was studying at was about to present him with an academic probation paper, warning him to improve his grades or he would be removed from enrollment at the school. Yet, most of the media missed this important fact.

Law enforcement and others also failed to pick up on two messages posted Online that James Holmes was planning some crime serious enough to land him in prison. On at least two Online dating sites, the suspected gunman posted “Will you visit me in prison?”, which warned of his intended crimes. But, because James Holmes wasn’t yet a known public figure because of the notoriety that his crimes would create, there was no motivation by law enforcement to question why someone who had no worse than one speeding ticket in his entire lifetime was presenting an important clue that he was planning a very serious crime that would land him in prison.

The mainstream media also missed the fact that two very recent photos exist of the suspected gunman exist with wild Orange dyed hair, that’s absolutely nothing like the old hair style photo that they continue to run. When he makes his first court appearance tomorrow, his wild orange hair should be major news, although it was known by some such as TMZ that his description at arrest matched his recent wild orange hair photos posted Online, perhaps only two to three days before the movie theater crime spree.

Where’s the mainstream media this weekend? Sleeping? They’ve missed many details of this crime.

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