James Holmes Posted Profile On Adult Dating Site Before Shooting

The suspected gunman in the Aurora, CO movie theater massacre, James Holmes, apparently posted a personal profile on an adult dating site encouraging women to meet him in “Prison” just two days before one of the worst planned mass murder sprees in American crime history. TMZ uncovered some more recent photos of the suspected gunman from Adult Friend Finder in which James Holmes had recently dyed his hair orange, which had matched the description of his appearance during his arrest. Although he is being largely uncooperative with police, police still confirmed that the suspected killer had well planned his crime for months before the assault that left 12 killed and up to 71 more persons either wounded or injured in the rush to safety outside the theater.

Another report also claims that James Holmes took an often abused painkiller drug, Vicodin, just over two hours before beginning the assault at the movie theater that left many dead or wounded. Some Vidodin abusers resort to crime to support their drug habit including armed robbery of drug stores or other forms of violent crime.

In one of two photos posted on Adult Friend Finder by James Holmes, he is seen in front of a poster image of a sexy young woman wearing headphones.

One his profile, James Holmes described himself as a “nice guy”. But, I’m willing to bet that the rest of the nation would be willing to debate that point. Even the President made a strong statement today, promising the nation “justice” for this outrageous crime. Candidate Mitt Romney also made some strong statements as well to help to calm the nation, as both presidential candidates sought to pull the nation together for healing and push back partisan politics. However, as president, Mr. Obama is likely to have much more ability to throw more police resources like the FBI to investigate the crime to build a prosecution case against the suspect.

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