12 Dead, 59 Wounded In DARK KNIGHT RISES Massacre

A crowded Colorado movie theater became the latest stage for mass murder as a crazed gunman was somehow able to smuggle a huge arsenal of arms into the movie and slaughter innocent movie-goers excited about the premiere of the much anticipated Batman series sequel, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The gunman, who apparently had no intent to die in the bloodbath, was arrested by police, who were careful to investigate his apartment due to concerns about booby traps and explosives.

The 24 year old murder suspect, James Holmes, had no real known history of arrests or violent crime background, nor had any known military background, yet his Aurora apartment was apparently used to stockpile a small arsenal of weapons for the planned mass murder of innocent victims. It’s not known why the crowded movie theater was chosen, other than it was packed with persons who would be easy prey for the mass murder attempt.

It’s also not clear at this point how exactly any killer like this could transport so many weapons into a theater without detection. One theory is that he propped an exit door open and brought the weapons in. Some world hot spots like Israel have intense security simply to enter stores, movie theaters or any crowded place, sharply limiting terrorism or other mass violence. The latest murder of Israeli citizens had to take place in Bulgaria, where security is more normal and the killer was said to have phony U.S. identification. It would be shame if all crowded American places would have to institute Israeli-styled security measures, but it might limit some types of violent crimes to do so. Gang members have been involved in shootouts in casinos and shopping malls before, so weapons checks could probably help somewhat with some violence.

James Holmes was enrolled in a Ph.D program in neuroscience at University Of Colorado Hospital, but had recently began an attempt to drop out of school. And when he was arrested and questioned by police today, the crazed gunman claimed that he was “The Joker”, the fictional clown-faced villain from the DC Comics based series.

A bizarre portrait of a comic book nerd gone crazy seems to have emerged about James Holmes, a former honor student who seemed to just lose his mental health and commit an epic horrible crime to be like some comic book villain that he admired, the Joker. In his crazed fantasy mind, maybe James Holmes thought that acting like “The Joker” would encourage Batman to rise up to battle him , who knows. But, it all sounds like a warped fantasy world where some crazed young man had a hard time separating comic book fantasy from reality, and just fell tragically over the edge into complete madness.

Yesterday, James Holmes was largely unknown. Today he’s made himself the most hated man in America.

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