Even Superheroes Hit Hard Times?

Well, maybe. According to a great 1997 CRACKED Magazine parody, this superhero hit the skids and will now fight crime for food. But superheroes come in all types ranging from some guy like Superman with super powers all the way to some rich guy like Batman(alais millionaire Bruce Wayne) who has no superpowers at all, but is just able to afford a lot of gadgets and toys and pretends to a law enforcement officer for his high priced hobby.

All of this gives hope to both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, both millionaires if this presidential thing doesn’t work out, then get yourself some trick car, put emblems on it, get yourself a crime fighting costume and become the next Batman.

In high school and college, Romney used to dress up like a Michigan state trooper and stop cars for a joke by putting a portable flashing light on his white Rambler. Why not take this one step further, and become some new superhero? Or Barack Obama could do the same thing. Think about it?

Rich guys probably become crime fighting superheroes because they can afford better toys. Some guy who cooks at McDonalds would have a hard time fighting crime by riding the bus, or being taken seriously with a costume put together from items bought at the Dollar Store.

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  • sabbahillel

    Consider Peter Parker as Spiderman has a lot of trouble making a living as a freelance photographer.