Did George Zimmerman Sexually Assault 6 Year Old Family Friend?

A new bombshell in the case of George Zimmerman was revealed today when it appears that a young woman has been giving testimony to the Florida State Attorney that Zimmerman sexually assaulted her from the ages of 6 to 19 years. In a tearful tape released today, the woman claimed that Zimmerman would sexually penetrate her with his finger and other unwanted lewd acts starting when she was just 6 years old. This is a new unexpected twist that could potentially add more charges to the case against George Zimmerman who was involved in the controversial shooting death of an African American teenager.

Apparently, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family has known about these sexual abuse allegations against George Zimmerman for many days, but wanted the Florida Attorney’s Office to be the first to go public with new allegations or charges.

If Zimmerman has new charges brought against him, it could only hurt any public support he might have had with fundraising for his legal efforts, with his donors abandoning him.

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  • cirby

    “starting when she was just 6 years old”

    …and he was EIGHT…

    Funny how that important qualifying bit of information just got left out by accident.

    It’s also interesting that she originally only mentioned the one time – when they were both just kids (6 and 8 respectively). Makes you wonder how much “detail” was added after she started getting so much attention.

  • And her evidence that supports her claim is . . . ?

    [Crickets chirping in background]

    • Commander_Chico

      There does not have to be any other evidence – as I warn young men, if she says “rape,” you might be in for a wild ride.

      If the jury believes her, you will be spending a decade or two behind bars.

      I think Zim’s a dick and should get two or three years for what he did, but he is getting the shaft from the prosecutors.
      As Cirby points out, he was eight years old?
      They should not be releasing these tapes. Of course, the “victim” will be protected, no matter how obviously crazy or mercenary she is.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Well, at least we have finally learned what can be used to trump the race card.