Biker Chick Panhandles For Breast Implants

A bikini-clad 37 year old mother who sits above a custom motorcycle in Akron, Ohio is panhandling for breast implants. And she’s apparently having some success. She appears to be earning about $23 a hour towards her goal of $5000 for the operation to take help the attractive, but flat-chested mother who also works as a bartender as well as a college student.

Apparently, Chrissy Lance took out a panhandling permit, so her activity is entirely legal and not in any violation of any laws such as when a person fraudently raises money claiming that they are sick with cancer or some claimed illness.

While what Chrissy is doing is entirely legal, it may not be legal for donors to ask to check out how exactly their donations are being spent.

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  • Vagabond661

    At least she is up front with what she is doing.