Cd Review: Joe Walsh ANALOG MAN

Wow, what a great return this new album is for Joe Walsh. This is not only some of his best music in years, but it even brings back some old musical styles of his past including at least one song that sounds exactly like some long lost James Gang song.

The title track, “Analog Man” is a decent piece of music to kick off this new album with, where I find no low points and really got into this album that I’ve played many times in the last few days. “Wrecking Ball” is another highlight along with “Funk 50”, that new song written as a sequel to the old James Gang song, “Funk 49”.

Well balancing his sly sense of humor with his superb guitarsmanship, this album is real quality Joe Walsh material. He’s back in excellent form with one of the best returns to music from any classic rock musician. Whether as a leader in The James Gang, The Eagles or as a solo act, Joe Walsh just continues to impress and delight his many fans. Let’s hope they stop to buy this new album which even includes a live performance DVD in the deluxe version.

The Bottom Line: Joe Walsh gives some special appreciation to Ringo Starr and Tommy James in this great new release on the Fantasy Records label(the label long known for CCR albums). What a great new album by an older rock artist! ***(Three Stars, Good) Buy this album and love it!

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