Paris Hilton in a Bikini in Ibiza (Photos)

Paris Hilton

We know that everyone has been sitting on pins and needles wondering what on earth Paris Hilton has been up to lately. Well, here’s the latest Paris Hilton news. She worked an hour the other day as a D.J. and then took a vacation with friends in Ibiza. The 31-year-old socialite and former reality star has had a hard time lately, what with her latest reality show ‘The World According to Paris’ failing miserably and her friends feeling sorry for her that she’s still going to clubs at her age and not having any luck finding a husband [Radar Online].

So, it looks like Paris Hilton is working on another album even though her last album didn’t do well and doing an hour or two as a D.J. when it doesn’t interfere with partying and sailing with her friends.

She was with friends on a yacht in Ibiza yesterday in a yellow bikini with a black cover-up and black floppy hat. You can see photos below.

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