Score Magazine: The Outrageous Leader In Big Breast Mags

Since the introduction of GENT Magazine in 1957 as a lower rent competitor to PLAYBOY, there has always been a fringe market among men’s magazines for big breast fetish magazines, and although the women in GENT were all D-cuppers or better, still men with a fetish taste for big breasts didn’t seem satisfied, so in 1981 a new magazine called JUGGS hit the market, in which editor Dian Hanson referred to the magazine as “the epitome of bad taste”, where the magazine was made to be over the top and overly well endowed women models were simply outrageous in the magazine. But, as silly as all of this was, SCORE Magazine has carried to even more absurd levels photo features of super big breasted models who look like they’ve had one breast implant way too many.

As silly and harmless as this big breast fetish seems, GENT Magazine actually faced a few legal serious legal hurdles in it’s publishing career including three obscenity cases brought against the magazine, although the magazine won two of three cases. One of the cases resulted in a legal standard being set that non-hardcore porn couldn’t be prosecuted for obscenity. The magazine was convicted of obscenity in Arkansas, however this conviction was later referred to the U.S. Supreme court.

SCORE now seems like the standard bearer for the big breast fetish magazines. And it’s models are the most outrageous ever for any big breast fetish magazine. It’s certainly not porn that appeals to every guy, but it has it’s own small market. However, SCORE is a totally crazy publication, and only the latest business to market big breasts all the way to the bank. So don’t expect the big breast fetish some men have to wane anytime real soon. Something tells me that this fetish will always be money in the bank for some enterprising entrepreneur to market.

Here’s a few select covers from these sort of magazines to illustrate just what we’re talking about here. The darnest thing, huh? (Well, here’s the pun). Thanks for the m

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