Those Wild Topless NUTS Magazine Girls

Nuts Magazine from the UK occupies a funny little niche in the British market. It’s considered to be what is known as a “lad magazine”, or a type of men’s magazine that’s not considered to be age restricted to an 18+ reader audience like the openly more pornographic more explicit men’s magazines are. And although most buyers of NUTS are most likely adult men, the magazine has an appeal because of it’s topless girls, humor, and other features that appeal to young men. Nothing like this sort of publication is available in the U.S. In the U.S., the men’s magazine market publications seem to either be conservative affairs like MAXIM or else cross the line into full blown 18= and over content, although PLAYBOY may come the closest to being considered to just barely be an 18+ reader type of publication for the U.S. market.

According to British law, NUTS is what is classified as a “men’s lifestyle magazine”, so retailers can actually legally sell the publication to anyone. British law is quirky here. But, then again NUTS is a quirky sort of magazine.

Here’s a few choice models from NUTS so you can draw your own opinion of this strange legal standard in the UK and of NUTS magazine.

Regardless of all this legal mumbo jumbo stuff, this is still a great excuse to enjoy some wonderful babe glamour photography, don’t you think?.

BTW, NUTS lets readers sumbit their own glamour girl photos as well as jokes. Check out the NUTS Website for more.

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