Stars Living In Cars: William Shatner

For a time in 1969 after STAR TREK was canceled by NBC, actor William Shatner hit a real low period in his acting career and was forced to live in truck camper for a while, unable to find work as an actor. Further, his first wife also had divorced him, only creating more money problems for the now struggling actor.

“Live Long And Prosper”, appeared to only be a quote on STAR TREK, because success seemed to elude the actor for the period after his TREK TREK gig disappeared and Shatter was unable to jump immediately into a new acting gig to pay bills and eat.

But, shatner eventually rebounded his career and managed to open the door to new opportunities. Yet, for a time it was sad to see Shatner fall from commander of the starship Enterprise to just commander of some pickup bed camper.

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