Did Occupy Protesters Defraud Elderly Woman Out Of Her Home?

In Portland, Oregon, Portland Police officers had to remove Occupy protesters from the home of a retired African American school teacher in North Portland after the elderly woman was sent a phony bank eviction notice to her home and then listed her home for sale in hopes of getting part of her life investment back. After the phony bank eviction notice was sent out, radical Occupy Movement protesters broke into the house, becoming squatters living in the home. For one female member of the organization, it was the second time that she’s moved in to a Portland home.

Crimes associated with the Occupy Movement have mostly taken place against businesses or against law enforcement officers, but it is a new change in tactics for some in the Occupy Movement to be involved in cowardly crimes against the elderly such as this possible scheme to defraud an elderly woman out of her home so that Occupy protesters can take over the home as squatters. One of the persons arrested at the home was responsible for recent vandal attacks on a number of Portland area banks. Police had to remove mattresses, computers, books and bookcases from the home according to a report by KGW, a Portland area news station.

The elderly woman told reporters that she believes that it was the same Occupy protesters who wrote her the phony bank letter. She remarked that what these criminals did to her, “hurts”.

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