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Olympic Hunk Of The Day – Tom Daley

British diver Tom Daley made news by failing to medal in the mens platform synchronized diving event the other day, and for a nasty Twitter stalker who berated him for a poor final dive. The ultra-hot Daley will have another chance to win a medal in the 10m individual platform event Note: Guys do not […]

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NEWSWEEK’s Controversial New Romney Cover

Although NEWSWEEK will be ending their print version of the 79 year old magazine at some point, the magazine is still managing to make parting shot news with more controversial covers. The latest seems like a terrible personal swipe at presidential candidate Mitt Romney, where the magazine calls him a “wimp” and even suggests that […]


NBC Scores Ratings Gold

NBC has managed to put themselves back in the drivers seat of network ratings, thanks to the monster ratings of the Summer Olympics. Friday night NBC captured a record 40.7 million viewers for the opening ceremony, the best ever ratings for an opening ceremony. And on Saturday, Olympic prime time coverage of several actual events […]

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Olympic Hunk Of The Day – Cullen Jones

U.S. swimmer Cullen Jones made a big splash at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, becoming just the second African-American in history to win an Olympic Gold medal in swimming. He’s in London trying to add to his medal total in 2012. Note: Guys do not think we’re leaving you out. Wizbang is running daily […]

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Weekend Box Office Results Suffer Badly

The cumulative effect of the lingering psychological harm caused by the Colorado shooting as well as the Olympic coverage only helped to make box office numbers really suffer this past weekend where even comedies had a hard time managing decent sized audiences. The new debut comedy by Ben Stiller, THE WATCH only managed an estimated […]

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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Handbra?

Better than a mere bra itself, the beloved handbra always seems to be an ultra-sexy innovation that absolutely delights so many guys. And it’s no wonder why. Just look at how sexy these babes look doing the handbra look just to delight you. This absolutely drives guys crazy. It’s sexy as hell. This is the […]

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DVD Review: MY WAY(South Korea 2011)

MY WAY is nearly an Academy Award quality epic film that might have slipped under your radar, but is one of the very best foreign films of recent times. This incredible tale of a Korean and Japanese who have a long time rivalry starting with running that leads the pair into combat against the Chinese […]

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Olympic Hunk Of The Day – Ryan Lochte

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte won the gold medal last night in the 400-meter IM, beating his rival Michael Phelps for the first big upset in the pool. Are these going to be Ryan Lochte’s games? Could be as Phelps looked kind of listless. Lochte is a hunk and a joker. He tried to go to […]

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The Topless Model & James Holmes

It appears that accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes had a major obsession for British topless model Keeley Hazell. Hazell’s image was seen in the background of the photo that Holmes posted on an adult dating website only days before his murderous rampage during a midnight screening of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The British […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Ending After Season 7

THE SONS OF ANARCHY, the popular outlaw motorcycle club drama on FX cable TV will likely end after season 7 according to creator Kurt Sutter, who plans to wrap the story up during that final season. But, for now the series will go into season five in September as the evolving tale of the motorcycle […]

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Latest GDP Figures Bad For Obama & Economy Both

The new GDP figures released yesterday largely slipped under Wall Street’s radar from some reason as stocks soared because of other news largely related to Europe. Yet, there had to be some sober moments at the White House where yesterday’s figures could spell a likely failure for President Obama’s bid to be re-elected. Economic growth […]

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Pussy Wagon?

Why name any car this? Why? But, since Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL, the name “Pussy Wagon” has appeared on key chains and some more custom vehicles. You can draw your own conclusions what to think. The original Pussy Wagon remains in Quentin Tarantino’s possession, but was used by lady Gaga for a music video for […]

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More Bad Batman Fans?

Beyond real crazy James Holmes there’s plenty more, but more harmless crazy Batman fans. Some merely like to dress up as their superhero, while others even convert their car that they drive to work into a homemade Batmobile, which must look really way cool when they drive to McDonalds for their unBruce Wanyelike fry cook […]

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Olympic Hunk Of The Day – James Magnussen

James Magnussen is a member of the 2012 Australian swim team, and will be competing in the 50-meter freestyle, 100-meter freestyle, and the 4×100-meter freestyle and medley relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He’s a serious hunk, so let’s hope we get to see plenty of him on the medal stand. Note: Guys do not […]

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Comics Open Door To Colorado Shooting Jokes

Some comics are beginning to crack the taboo door open a bit trying out some Colorado movie theater shooting jokes in their routines. Dane Cook has made the news by being one of the first to try out a joke about the tragic event in his routine at the Laugh Factory. Cook joked that, “THE […]

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