MAGIC MIKE Sure Looks Like Box Office Gold!

Here’s a big one for the ladies here. MAGIC MIKE is already outselling other new movies three to one in Internet ticket sales this week, so it ought to have a huge box office weekend and give the ladies a little beefcake fun to lure at, while their guys drool all over the hot new Jenny McCarthy PLAYBOY also out today.

There’s plenty of great guy skin in this flick about male strippers to make you girls so hot, and to make more than few boyfriends real jealous at these well-toned hardbodies. But, maybe the good news is that a few ladies will really be in the mood for a little romance after these guys warm your girl up a bit.

At any rate, MAGIC MIKE sure looks like a lot of fun. You girls probably can’t do much better than this fun picture. So make it a ladies night out with MAGIC MIKE this weekend. You know he’s magic, don’t you?

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